Not a fancy title. I am Todd, Fractional Integrator.

When I founded and operated my first company, no one prepared me for the ups and downs that I would encounter. The elation of winning a new customer, followed by the despair of having to chase down past-due accounts and having to deal with bickering employees. There was tremendous satisfaction in being in control of my entrepreneurial future, while at the same time there was the tension of payroll, money issues and flaky suppliers. Over time, I kept on learning. One important lesson that I learned is that I was limiting my own progress, and I was the cause for many of my issues.
To this day, I keep learning. It’s cliché, I know, but I’m consistently reminded that as one learns, one realizes how much more there is to learn.
In my thirty-five-year career of working with business owners, I believe I have learned far more from them than they have learned from me. Your creativity, tenacity and steadfast commitment to your business has produced outstanding results and long-lasting satisfaction. The lessons learned are priceless.
I have discovered that the ups and downs of business ownership never go away. Sure, we’ll take the ups, but what about the downs? I can’t make all your problems and challenges go away, but maybe I can help. You’ve chosen EOS and perhaps you are ready move your company to the next level – whatever that means to you. As a fractional integrator, I can take on some of those nagging issues that get in your way. It all starts with a conversation, so drop me a line when you’re ready to talk about the possibilities.




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